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Premium Motorcoach
Seats 52
Premium Midsize Motorcoach
Seats 36
Premium Minicoach
Seats 30
Premium Double Decker
Seats 72
Activity Transport
Seats 44
Activity Shuttle
Seats 24
Seats 28
Elite Coach
Seats 36
Limo Van
Seats 14
Luxury Van
Seats 12
Experience SUV
Seats 4
Experience Sedan
Seats 2

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Pre-Paid Gratuity (%)
We recommend a gratuity of at least 15% for the Driver!


Pre-Paid Gratuity (Flat Fee)
*Please include a gratuity of at least $150 per vehicle selected for Wedding transportation


Black Falcon / Massport
Massport Access Fee - Black Falcon Cruiseport

$50.00 Per Vehicle

Logan Airport / Massport
Logan Airport Arrival Fee

$12.00 Per Vehicle

Amtrak Per Diem
GSA Allowable per-diem for overnight due to FMCSA HOS


Amtrak Hotel
Amtrak Hotel


Amtrak M&IE
Amtrak Meals & Incidental Expense

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